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die mnet 4 things! adidas! nike!
(ie hakyeon trying to make them edit this part out)

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leo’s got 99 problems and they’re all about hakyeon

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Leader N trying to convince the maknae to do aegyo

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❝In situations where I cannot dance, I simply listen to various genres of music and imagine how I would dance. I close my eyes and fall deeper and deeper into the music. Though I love dancing and always dreamed of becoming a singer, music is the one thing that has truly become my life.❞ — Kai

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Kyungsoo and Hyunsik holding hands ~

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precious zhang yixing

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is this like a hint for their next comeback or sth…???

is this like a hint for their next comeback or sth…???

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a surprised and happy leo hiding his tears after their 2nd win ♥

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"Oh, Luhan!" (salutes)

"Tao, do you know where Sehun is?"

"…Yeah, he’s at about… 6pm."

"But it’s 9p— TAO. You bring him back to real time RIGHT NOW.”


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